USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise

A few weeks ago I drew the USS Enterprise from the reboot Star Trek series. In this particular drawing, I really, really loved the challenge of the metal hull. I had never drawn metal like that before, so figuring out a way to get that aztec pattern into a presentable form while still retaining the differing levels of light across the hull was a new one. Personally, I think it looks better in person, and I think I neglected the secondary hull in my effort to draw the saucer correctly. Although there are a few very strong sentiments toward the reboot series, I still consider this ship an Enterprise.

Why I Don’t Mind the New Enterprise

Alright, so Star Trek, a 50 year old franchise, recently got a reprise in 2009. With all new cast members (save for Mr. Nimoy, of course), and more importantly, an all new ship. The Enterprise is a legendary name, in Star Trek, and in the real world. So any redo of such a prestigious name will have its naysayers. And I used to be one of them. I used to say that the new Enterprise “wasn’t proportional and its nacelles were way to big and…” the list went on. But after seeing the 2013 movie, the Enterprise seemed much more appealing. Why?

Well, in the 60’s (I was not around haha) it seemed like the future was viewed as a lot of beeping, buttons, and knobs. Today, I personally view the future as a lot of touch screens,

Where's Steve Jobs in this photo?

Where’s Steve Jobs in this photo?

holographic panels, a lot of glass (transparent aluminum anyone?), and hidden technology. The new Enterprise does this well. I mean, yes the bridge looks like an Apple store, sure, but it does convey the message of “new” and “modern”. In contrast, when I think engine room, I think

Credit: Lightworks

Credit: Lightworks

dirty, oily, steamy, hot, wet… and the new Enterprise does this. I don’t like the 30284930284032 different warp cores or the water pipes, but the idea of a slightly decentralized engine room and metal floors is appealing.

I used to think the engines were way to big, the stardrive section was way to small, and the ship was kinda funky looking, especially considering the original Enterprise. But after a second look, I really started liking the new design. (The Enterprise and the Kelvin to be honest) But I mean, the 23rd century isn’t too far off, and the engines would likely be rather large. And they work with the ship. I recently noticed there isn’t one “straight” part of the Enterprise, meaning everything has a curve. This bothers me a little, but again, it works with the ship. The Enterprise-D was an incredibly “organic” looking ship in terms of shape.

I can definitely say this is an Enterprise. The ship has the technology, the crew, and the gall. Live long and prosper.