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Summerfest is back in Milwaukee, and I had the amazing experience of seeing WALK THE MOON in concert this past Saturday. They were on one the free US Cellular Stage, so needless to say it was INSANELY crowded.

My favorite part was definitely when the band came out to the Lion King theme song, which is funny because my friend Emily (the cutie in the glasses) kept mumbling “SIMBAAAA” to herself all day.

WTM got the entire mass of bodies moving to their opening song, Tightrope, and from then on it was an absolute dance party. And in light of the landmark ruling that allows LGBT* couples the dignity of marriage across the country, Nicholas Petricca had some wonderful words about acceptance and positivity that had the entire audience screaming. I could not stop smiling and screaming through the entire concert. Different Colors truly do carry each other.


Misterwives opened for WTM, and I could not have chosen a more engergetic band with a more amazing lead singer to open. The lead singer, Mandy Lee, had some choice words about gender roles in America:

“Do you ever feel that society’s standards for women and men are…complete…and absolute…BULLSHIT??!!!”

Not only did she call out the shitty gender roles and sexism rampant through our society, she did it while doing pushups as a big middle finger to the “weak woman” idea. Mandy also congratulated America “on finally getting its shit together” and letting love win.

WALK THE MOON and Misterwives were both amazing bands to see live, and I hope I can see them again next year.