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Thoughts on 12

“New kidneys…I don’t like the color!”

Season 8 of the revived Doctor Who series is now 9 episodes old, and the new Doc has had some time to grow on us. Since his sorta-reveal in the special The Day of the Doctor, I have been eagerly anticipating his arrival. Besides being sexually attracted to his mad eyebrow game, I really wanted to see what kind of Doctor he would be. Even in the promo pic above (not mine, btw), I could see he would be a lot darker, a lot scarier of a Doctor. And since Smith’s Doctor was downright childish (in the best way, I freaking love him), I thought it would be a hit-or-miss with the fans.

“Where we going?”

“Into Darkness.”

Well, I’ve seen all 9 episodes with him so far and I love him. He really brings a whole new perspective to the Doctor. I’ve noticed that this season itself is far darker, with people dying a lot more frequently and a lot more horrifically. And 12 has a very pragmatic attitude about it. He doesn’t mourn or get angry; he very calmly continues his plan. The death scene in episode 6, The Caretaker, where one gentleman is completely scorched, his hand falling in front of the viewer, well-done and smoking really exemplifies my point. I cannot fathom that happening with 11, or 10. That’s not to say there weren’t bad times, but nothing that graphic. (I’m talking graphic for Doctor Who. I also watch The Walking Dead, and this is nothing. Remember the trough?)

source: BBC America

source: BBC America

Capaldi isn’t the first dark Doctor we’ve gotten in the revival series. Good old one-season-Eccleston’s 9th Doctor was very dark, and very war-torn. From his perspective, he had just wiped out his own race and the Daleks. But what Capaldi has that Eccleston didn’t is age. He has the look of someone who would get to the point and not care about feelings. During Mummy on the Orient Express, people were seeing that creature and what did 12 do? He told them to keep it together and describe it. No comfort, no condolence. And frankly, that’s what I love about it. It’s like Doctor Who has gone from this goof-ball show to a far more sinister series. Now, I don’t mean that either way is bad. 9, 10, and 11 were–


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–but 12 is a welcome change. There’s just a new, darker feel to the whole thing, and I welcome it.

“You were an exceptional Doctor! Goodness…had nothing to do with it.”

On a related topic…Clara. I had the gripe for the longest time that she wasn’t very well fleshed out in terms of character. (Cut me some slack, I’m still hurting over Amy and Rory.) But it hasn’t even been 10 episodes and Clara already feels so much more real. At the end of Kill the Moon, when she told the Doctor off…well…that was the realist shit I’ve ever seen from a companion since–in my opinion–Martha leaving. (I’m a huge Martha fan, so don’t even go there.) In recap, she effectively says that if the Doctor comes to Earth, and breaths our air, then he has just as big a responsibility to take care of it and make the decision about the fate of the moon as much any human.

That’s not to say Smith (or any other Doctor) didn’t have his hard-hitting scenes (remember the Living Flesh arc?). But there’s something about 12’s series that’s way darker. From his TARDIS to his attack eyebrows, the entire show has gone in realer, more sinister direction. And I can’t wait to see the rest.

Disclaimer: I have not seen the old Doctor Who series. GIFs come from various sources, none of them are mine. The promo pic is property of the BBC. All rights of the images to their respective owners.

Bastille Concert Featured Image

Bastille @ The Milwaukee Theatre

Well…that was amazing. Grizfolk opened for them, and got the entire venue energized, but then everything went dark. Just like their music, the concert itself started softly, like no aggressively flashing lights, or even a “So how’s everyone tonight?!” Bastille went right into Things We Lost in the Fire. The concert itself was unbelievably fun, and everyone was so energized. Dan Smith, the lead singer, got everyone moving. Also, his hair was absolutely on point. Seriously, Dan Smith’s hair is absolutely flawless. I wanted to pet him. Is that weird?

Bastille Concert Dan Smith's Hair

My friend Shaili and I got to The Milwaukee Theatre at around 4:30, and the line was hardly 50 people at that point, so that was perfect timing on our part. Our neighbors in line were super nice, so they held our spots when we went on a Starbucks run (and then a bathroom run because of those oh-too-good lattes.) The gates opened at 7 sharp, and we got some merch right away. (She got a hoodie and I got a T-Shirt with the Bad Blood album art on it.) After that we filed into the auditorium thing. The first 125 people get to stand up near the stage, so we were super lucky to be in that group.

During Flaws, Dan jumped into the audience and walked around, high fiving a bunch of people and I. Got. So. Close. So close. But alas, I was too far away to touch him or his hair. But the most, absolutely breathtaking thing was his hair during Oblivion, when everyone got out their phones and the entire place just lit up. Pardon the crappy panorama, but the stage is on the far right, and the shot extends about 3/4 around the theatre.

"when calling out your name..."

Here is their final song they sang yesterday…Pompeii.  Look at his dorky, adorable dance moves…I can’t. I can’t deal with that.

If you get lucky enough to have these guys in a venue near you, you should really go see them. They are amazing live, and their songs even better in person than on iTunes, which cannot be said for all bands.

Hopefully later I’ll have another follow up post with more videos and pictures from the concert.

Yosemite: First Impressions

I just downloaded OS X Yosemite, the tenth incarnation of Apple’s desktop OS. Apple is once again shrinking the gap between its mobile devices and desktop systems. Lion introduced the concept of iOS and OS X integration, and Yosemite is finally cutting the red tape on the bridge between iOS and OS X…that is…if my early-2011 Macbook Pro was compatible with a lot of the features.

In terms of UI, Yosemite fully removes the skeuomorphic design elements. Gone are the fake-aluminum headers and and glassy buttons on Apple’s natives apps. And I love it. I’ve been a big fan of iOS 7’s revamp of the design, and since Yosemite is carrying on that design, I’m a fan of this design too.

The first thing I noticed was the dock. The shelf, which had been disappearing since Mountain Lion, is now replaced with a 10.4 Tiger-like–and more to the point–iOS-like dock. The dark option (shown in the screenshot below), is much easier on the eyes, and frankly, goes with my Galaxy wallpaper. Also, the fonts have changed, the folders are lighter, and the trash can is no longer a metal bin. Obviously, the icons of the native apps have changed as well.

Yosemite Desktop


Yosemite Safari

Safari-Edit Menu

The general feel of Yosemite is much lighter, much airier. Safari has no more gradients on the buttons, and the menu bar can be customized far more than before (shown below). The translucency of the windows is the next thing I’ve noticed, and this translucency also brings the whole shebang closer to iOS.

What absolutely ticks me off is that apparently, a lot of the Handoff and Continuity features are not compatible with my computer. This is what I’ve found, but hopefully I’m just missing something and I can figure out how to set it up with my devices later.

Yosemite Notification Center

Notification Center

Yosemite Edit Panel

Edit Notification Center

The best feature of Yosemite, at least in my eyes, is the updated Notification Center. It’s essentially stolen from iOS 8, and it’s great. It has widgets, and clicking “EDIT” below allows the user to move around widgets and extensions (which is a new panel under System Preferences, btw)

Something totally random that I’ve found is that when you update an app and open Launchpad, it sparkles. Also, more of the apps have been changed, which you can see below.

Yosemite Launchpad


The impression as a whole that I get from Yosemite is a lighter, snappier OS. And on my MBP, which is pushing the 4 year mark, that’s something I really need. It’s a free download, and can breathe new life into a rather stale UI, so I’d definitely recommend upgrading. Now I just need to get the core feature–iOS 8 Integration–to work.