I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) Imagine Dragons

Well, this following song is pretty famous (he said redundantly). But it has ties to my two favorite shows in the entire world: How I Met Your Mother, and Doctor Who. From the former, who could forget Ted and Marshall’s epic, Tantrum-fueled road trip across the country? Or the heart-breaking sadness that was the episode Arrivederci, Fiero? And then Doctor Who. If you haven’t seen the video [x] of David Tennant and the entire DW cast singing along to this song, well then, you’ve really been missing out. I am 99% sure there was an Ood dancing in there somewhere.  Anyway, the video below is of Imagine Dragons singing I’m Gonna Be in Scotland.

You’ve Got Time


You’ve Got Time, Regina Spektor


You may recognize this song from Netflix’s show Orange is the New Black. I just started watching it this past week, and pretty much binge-watched the entire first season. Just started season 2 today. I really recommend the show, and apparently it falls into a category called a dramady? Like a comedy and drama together. Even though I’m not a fan of the combination, but I can’t think of a better description of the show. It’s funny and terrifying at the same time.

There’s no place like…

…home. I decided a post dedicated to my favorite songs about home is necessary.

Personally, I never found home in a building. I’ve always found it in people. The best people in the world will really, truly make you feel like you’re home. All the songs below are about home, and they all have different meanings. So here’s a post dedicated to home, and all the lost artists who would really benefit from a GPS.


Get Home, Bastille



Home, American Authors



Already Home, A Great Big World



Take Me Home, Vinyl Theatre

Language and Perspective (Updated)

Here’s an update to my Language and Perspective post. Yesterday’s concert was phenomenal. They got the crowd moving, and sounded pretty good in concert. Admittedly, their venue was a little smaller, definitely not the biggest stage at Summerfest. Still, really loved it! Below you’ll find a live version of Rearview.

So I’m dedicating this particular music post not to a particular song but an album. The album Language and Perspective is by the band Bad Suns and is their first full-length album. Why does this album get its own post? Because I’m seeing them live at Summerfest tomorrow! Personally, I really love this album. Their EP was good, and I loved it, but three of the four songs were pretty similar (the outlier is 20 Years, for those of you wondering) However, Language and Perspective really changes their sound, in a good way. When I first found Bad Suns, I compared them to Imagine Dragons in terms of sound, but listening to this album really changes my opinion. “Take My Love and Run” starts with an absolutely unique sound for Bad Suns, and I really love how different they sound in this album. Here are three songs from their album, starting with the aforementioned “Take My Love and Run”:



Take My Love and Run



Matthew James

Rearview LIVE